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July 06, 2014

Weekend Reads - API Testing (Web Service Testing, Inspect Http request, Rest API Testing) - Free tools

Very good presentation on compiled list of free tools for API Testing. More Details - Free API debugging and testing tools you should know about

Tools List from the presentation and SO reads
While reading through the list again went back to check on SOAP, Rest Basics. API testing / Web Service testing we will be looking into only aspects Rest, SOAP based web services. Summary based on StackOverflow readings, posts. References - StackOverflow reference answers link. More details Pls check reference link. (Consolidated Answer and Detailed short summary listed below)

REST is over HTTP. REST has no WSDL interface definition
SOAP can be over any transportprotocols such HTTP, FTP, STMP, JMS etc.
REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST approach uses the standard GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE verbs
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 
SOAP builds an XML protocol on top of HTTP  / TCP/IP.
REST is good for getting a blob of data that you don't have to work with
SOAP describes functions, and types of data. If you want to get an object, SOAP is way quicker and easier to implement
Typically uses normal HTTP methods instead of a big XML format describing everything
Has several protocols and technologies relating to it: WSDL, XSDs, SOAP, WS-Addressing
REST plays well with AJAX'y web pages. If you keep your requests simple, you can make service calls directly from your JavaScript, and that comes in very handy.
SOAP is useful from a tooling perspective because the WSDL is so easily consumed by tools. So, you can get Web Service clients generated for you in your favourite language.

More Reads
From AWS Blog - 80% REST / 20% SOAP usage pattern

Happy Learning!!!

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