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February 16, 2016

DBMS Session Three

Relational Model Classification

Key - Subset of attribute
Super Key -Sufficient to identify tuple uniquely
Considerations for primary key
  • not null values
  • Few attributes
  • Key often used in data access clauses
Relational Operators
  • Selection (With Filters Applied)
  • Projection (Select with explicitly specified columns)
  • Cartesian product
  • Union
  • Difference
  • Intersection
  • Join
SQL Refreshers
  • SELECT, WHERE, Aggregate (Group by, Having), JOINs, String operations
  • SET Operations, Handling NULL values, Subqueries
  • DELETION, No EXISTS, Conditional Updates
  • Views, Materialized views
  • Authentication & Authorization (Roles & Permissions)
Happy Learning!!!

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