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April 10, 2016

Day #15 - Data Science - Maths Basics

Day #15 - Mathematics Basics

Sets Basics
  • Cardinality - Number of distinct elements in Set (For a Finite Set)
  • For Real numbers cardinality infinite
Rational Numbers - Made of Ratio of two numbers
Fibonacci series was introduced in 1201 - Amazing :)

  • Represents relationship between mathematical variables
  • Spread of all possible output is called range
  • Function that maps from A to B. A is referred as (Domain), B is referred as co-domain
  • Rows and columns define matrix 
  • 2D array of numbers 
  • Eigen Values - Scalars, Eigen Vector - Vectors special set of values associated with Matrix M
  • Eigen Vectors - Those directions remain unchanged by action of matrix M
  • Trace - Sum of diagonal elements
  • Rank of Matrix - Number of linearly independent vectors
  • Can be computed only for square matrix
  • Vectors have magnitude, length and direction
  •  Magnitude and cost of angle will give you direction
  • Vector product non-commutative
  •  Dot product commutative
  •  Vector is linearly independent if none of vectors can be written as sum of multiple of other vectors

 Happy Learning!!!
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