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January 13, 2017

Day #51 - Neural Networks

Happy New Year 2017. This post is on Neural Networks.

Neural Networks
  • ANN - inspired by biological networks, Modelling network based on neurons
  • Key layers - Input Layer, Hidden Layer, Output Layer
  • Neural networks that can learn - Perceptrons, backpropagation networks, Boltzaman machines,recurrent networks
  • In below example for XOR implementation we use backpropagation 

Implementation overview
  • Initialize the edge weights at random (we do not exact weights we chose randomly, By training we find exact values)
  • Calculate the error - we have some training data and some results - Supervised learning, Calculated output not logical output, Error term present 
  • Calculate the changes of edge weights and update the weights (backpropagation process), Calculate edge weight changes and update accordingly
  • Algorithm terminates when error rate is small

Happy Pongal & Happy Learning!!!

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