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January 21, 2017

Day #52 - Deep Learning Class #1 Notes

AI - Reverse Engineering the brain (Curated Knowledge)
ML - Machine Learning is subset of AI. Teaching Machine to Learn

Deep Learning - Rebirth of Neural Networks
  • Multiple layer of neurons
  • Directed Graph
  • First Layer is input layer
  • Last Layer is output layer
  • Intermediate layer is hidden Layer
  • Deep Learning is inspired by human brain
  • In Deep Learning features are learnt
  • Gradient Descent - Process of making updates in NN
  • Neural Networks is discriminative approach
  • Neurons in neural networks end up in becoming feature selectors
Discriminative Classifiers - Logistics, SVM (uses kernel for non-linear classification), Decision Trees
Generative Model - Naive Bayes

Types of Neural Networks
  • Autoencoders for dimensionality reduction
  • CNN Convolutional NN
  • RNN Recurrent NN
Interesting Deep Learning Demo Sites Discussed

Happy Learning!!!
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