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April 08, 2017

Day #63 - Notes from Text processing and Parallel Programming

Quick Summary notes for future reference

Text Processing - Word Sense Disambiguation
  • Rely on leveraging wordnet (Knowledge sources)
  • from nltk.corpus import wordnet - leverage it
  • Leverage Machine readable dictionary
Lesks Algorithm
  • Sense bag (ambigious word)
  • Context bag (different definitions to context word)
  • Close match will be picked
Walkers Algorithm for word sense disambiguation
  • Use Thesaurus to find scores in context
  • Highest score will be picked up for context relevance
  • Thesaurus Library pywordnet, now part of NLTK
  • Polysemy - many possible meanings for a word or phrase.
  • Homonym - same spelling or pronunciation but different meanings
Parallel Programming
  • Filter locks
  • Bakery Algorithm
Example Implementation - link

Memory Consistency
  • Strict Consistency 
  • Sequentially consistent
  • Relaxed(Weak) consistent
Linearization Point
From Stackoverflow

Coarse Grained Vs Fine Grained
From Stackoverflow

Petersons Algorithm

More Reads - Link

Happy Learning!!!

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