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April 28, 2017

Day #67 - Exploring Tableau Visualization

Canadian Car sales data visualization examples. The interpretation varies based on representation presented below. The data has all the details. Exploring same data in different visualization perspective will provide a different interpretation of same data.

Visualization #1 - This representation would help us figure out which month has usually high sales numbers

  • Three months of year (Dec-Jan-Feb) has relatively weak sales figures compared to rest of year
  • March-August trend shows good demand from customers resulting in increased sales
  • Last few months of the year shows decreased demand. This could be seasonal factor/holidays/travel. This need to be validated
Visualization #2 - Consolidated snapshot of comparison of yearly performance of sales numbers, Across several years and across all months (This one is a good big picture)

  • January is the lowest period of sales
  • Sales trend is increasing YOY (year over year)
  • May month consistently tops high sales for many years
The data format looks like below in Visualization #1

Visualization #3 - Data in simple table format

  • Six years total sales data is represented
  • Partial data is available for the year 2016
Happy Learning!!!

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