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July 02, 2009

Regression Test Automation Myths

When do we need to automate test cases ?

Large amount of test effort would be spent for Regression testing for any Change Request (CR#) received. The Amount of effort spent for Automating Regression Test Cases Vs Time saved per Regression Test Cycle is required before we automate.

Example: Effort Required for Regression Test Automation - 200 Hrs which includes Framework setup, Test Data creation, Test Execution layer and Reporting of test results. If the Features might change in next subsequent release the effort required to maintain the Automation suite also need to be considered.

Automation of test cases not necessarily result in savings of test effort. It also depends on maintainbility of the regression suite.
For Automating Regression Test cases couple of guidelines listed below.
1. Managing Input test data
  • Input can be stored from a table, Expected output can also be stored in a table.
  • Input can be obtained by running a SQL Query
2. Execution the test - Execute Function/Web Services/Method
3. Obtain the output
  • Parse the output fetch the result value
  • Query the Database to verify Data is present
  • Compare with result data set and verify expected result is obtained result
4. Consolidating and Reporting findings.
A robust test automation framework is expected to execute all the test cases report the results with all details like %% of Test cases passed, test cases failed, Errors Reported.

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