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July 06, 2009

Web Services and Web Testing using VSTS

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Web Testing using VSTS

Steps for VSTS performance testing is mentioned here

A Few guidelines for performance testing

Performance test plan should include test scenarios (At different loads, expected results), Signoff criteria defined, Performance counters to be analyzed, Details of Performance Test Bed (Hardware configuration). The tasks for performance testing would include - Environment Setup, Test Data Preparation, Test Execution Time, Bug Fix Time line, Targeted Signoff Date.

1. Identify the Performance Counters for IIS, DB
2. Benchmark the environment, Hardware configuration before starting test run
3. Conduct couple of Trial runs to verify Test Environment has no Setup, Hardware issues
4. For a typical web serices or Web App performance testing 80% of requests should pass through to consider test run successful
5. While Validating/Identifying Issues validate bottleneck is at SQL or IIS level. Server Side Trace could be enabled to capture SP:StmtCompleted Events
6. Provide a clear report on perf test results.

Test Scenario:
Test Data Mix:
Test Duration:
Key Findings:
Perf Counters:
Detailed Results:

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