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July 02, 2009

Testing Tool for webservice testing

Useful tool for Webservices testing - http://www.codeplex.com/wsstudioexpress

Testing Web Services :: Web Service Studio and WCF Test Client

WCF Screencst - Creating your first WCF service

VSTS Web Testing is Functional Testing of Web Services - Are Web Tests "Functional" tests?

Web tests work at the HTTP layer
Notes - The web test engine uses the .NET Framework System.Net http classes to send requests and receive responses.  The engine will open a request and send the request body if one exists.
Are Web Tests "Functional" tests?
Notes - Web tests do not actually instantiate IE when running, but only send and receive http requests. The main reason we chose to drive web tests at the HTTP layer is we wanted to be able to drive load efficiently in a load test
How to test WCF Web Service (.svc) using VSTS 2008 Test Edition
Resources for Test Tools in Visual Studio 2010
Content Index for Coded UI Test
Content Index for Web Tests and Load Tests
Unit Testing WCF Services
Integration Testing WCF Services
Unit Testing WCF Services

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