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July 05, 2009

Work Life Balance Tips

Couple of interesting posts and ideas to improve work-life balance. I have been trying to apply it :). Still Work in Progress.

Good links and useful practical tips....
Job Satisfaction : Working Effectively with Others

Another Good Read from link It is impossible to work between 9-5
  • Depends on Your Working Style (Working Independently, Working in Teams)
  • Identify Major Blockers (Interrupting Team members, Meetings, Mails, Chatting)
 I Like the Quote
“What matters is not the amount of time you’re present, but the amount of time that you’re working at full potential. An hour in flow really accomplishes something, but ten six-minute work periods sandwiched between eleven interruptions won’t accomplish anything.”
“People bring their brains with them every morning. They could put them to work for you at no additional cost if only there were a small measure of peace and quiet in the workplace”

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