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February 17, 2010

First Biztalk Experiment

I attended Biztalk traning few years back and nothing on top of my head now :). Curious to know biztalk and learn a bit wanted to attempt this example. I created a biztalk project and added orchestration. Dragged few shapes as mentioned in the pic. It looked like this

Dragged a Few Shapes :)
Step 1 - Time for me to get some help and run through this. I took some help from my colleague.
Step 2 - Create a Biztalk Project

Step 3 - Add a Test Schema
Step 4 - Insert Child Element

Step 5 - Validate and generate Instance
Step 6 - Add Orchestration
Step 7 - Add Receive Port. Drag Receive icon from Toolbox and select Activate = true, message = Message_1 from Properties window.
Step 8 - Add Message Schema
Step 9 - Add Port Configuration
Step 10 - Port Configure
Step 11 - Port Binding
Step 12 - Receive Port
Step 13 - Add Expression
Step 14 - Expression Code
Step 15 - Scope it
Step 16 - Add a send Port
Step 17 - Send port config specify Later
Step 18 - Exception Handler for Scope
Step 19 - Specify Exception Type and Exception Name
Step 20 - Add Expression
Step 21 - Add Suspend Shape
Step 22 - Suspend Message
Step 23 - Add Scope and Another Send Port
Step 24 - Add Another Exception for Capturing the exception
Step 25 - Expression Exception
Step 26 - Orchestration
Got the error - use of unconstructed message 'Message_1. I have wrongly put receive shape under scope one. I moved it out of scope1 and corrected picture as below.
Step 27 - Error Corrected
Step 28 - Strong name Key
Step 29 - Application Name Under Deployment
Step 30 - Sign in with Strong key
Deploy the solution. After Deploying You will see it under btsmmc.msc. Biztalk group->Apps->FileCopyExample.
Step 31 - Send Port Create after deploying
Step 32 - Send Port Check XML Transmit
Step 33 - Receive Port - Receive Location properties
Step 34 - Bind Ports and Orcheatration
Step 35 -  I was able to test it successfully for both positive and negative scenarios. For negative scenario,
When first copy folder is Renamed - Error captured in eventlog
Thanks to priya and srinivas for their help. And Now I need to learn a little more deep into biztalk.
  1. PassThru can be used with almost all types of files.
  2. It will not promote properties
  3. It basically provides a way to pass the message right into the MessageBox
  4. The Xml Transmit is used for processing an Xml message and it will promote a few properties from the Xml message.
  5. The XMLTransmit contains the XML Assembler component.

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