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February 03, 2010

Power Pivot

Getting started with power pivot.
Installed office 2010 Beta
Download power pivot for Excel 2010
Reference - Link1
I am trying to implement SSRS Report I implemented in Earlier post in power pivot

SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel Features
  • Import data from Multiple sources, Directly connect to SQL Server run queries, Slide/Dice output as Graphs/Charts/Pivot tables
  • In Excel 2010 option refresh is manual currently for refreshing data
  • Consume data from Feeds/SSRS Reports (I need to check)
  • Row and column limitations of excel are more not 66K plus as I remember in 2007 versions. More details from link
 Step 1 - Under powerpivot select SQL Server

Step 2 - Provide below query
I am going to use below query

SET @FromDate = GETDATE()-100
EXEC SaleValue @FromDate,@ToDate
Step 3 - Next step is pivot the table data
Step 4 - In Pivot table -> Select 4 chart options

As you see chart1 is based on Name/Salevalue
Chart2 is based on Salevalue/City
Chart3 is based on SaleValue/Date

Step 5 - Insert few more records in DB

INSERT INTO Earnings (Name,SaleDate,SaleValue,City)

Step 6 - Under Power Pivot click Refresh and Refresh data, Also in chart you have refresh option when you right click.
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