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February 22, 2010

Second Biztalk Experiment

My second Biztalk Experiment is calling web services from Biztalk. Source is Link . I got everything about it from link. I am trying it out step by step from a beginner perspective.

Step 1 - To get the WSDL for web service Goto Add->Add Generated Items

Step 2 - Select the option Consume WCF Service

Step 3 - Select Option Metadata files (WSDL and XSD)
Step 4 - Create the webservice as per below code

public string ConcatName(string firstName, string lastName)
     return firstName + " " + lastName;

Host the  web service and add the wsdl

Save and Add the WSL

Step 5 - Under Orchestration View create two messages based on SOAP Request and Response

Step 6 - Create Messages as shown below


Step 7 - Add the following shapes
 Step 8 - Add ports to shapes 

Step 9 - Individual Port configurations
Port1(One Way)

Port2 (Static Request-Response Port)

Port3 (One Way)

Step 8 - Build, Signin, Deploy the Application

Step 9 - While configuring the web service in send port, Configure as below

Step 10 - Mistakes and learnings
• Finding Multi-part messages under orchestration view
• In Port2 configuration– It must be sending a request and receiving a response
• Bind the ports – Specify WCF-BasicHttp and provide URL details
• Restart the host instances

Thanks to priya for correcting my mistakes.. Happy reading..

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