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March 15, 2010

Deep Dive into Reverse Logistics

I registered myself to http://www.reverselogisticstrends.com/. You can access free downloads sections for good articles. Articles Reverse Logistics = Service Logistics, Reverse Logistics Checklist are very good reads.

Reverse Logistics Checklist provides clear directions while dealing with Customers
I am summarizing the checklist below
Prereturn - Clear Packaging Instructions, Warranty lookup from site, Warranty Registration directly based on customer registering the product, Self Test - Providing Diagnostic software for customer to test at this place
Return Request - Self ServiceRequest Creation, Request Acknowledgement through email, Call centre having visibility of stock available for replacement
Return Processing - Status lookup phone/website, Status update emails, Customer Survey
Having Joint Metrics defined with partners and tracking them on a timely manner would also help to focus on right areas of improvement.

If you want to know features of a Reverse Logistics Software refer the brochure for
BacTracs-Reverse Logistics Management System. This would give you good insight on Reverse Logistics implementation. Warranty Life Cycle Management

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