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March 20, 2010

User Stories....

Recently I am getting used to term "User Stories". I found this link useful. A good user story should also have a good acceptance test case with it. It need to have sufficient information. The objective of user stories is to connect the dots and identify and develop required functionality for end user. It's not that easy as I write as one liner :).

If you would like to have a good read on Bad or Good Agile, Read the link. Very good excerpts from the link. Take away from this article is
  • Take things like unit testing, design documents and code reviews more seriously
  • Bad Agile focuses on dates in the worst possible way: short cycles, quick deliverables, frequent estimates and re-estimates
  • Encourage Peer Reviews and be open to respect others views and learn from peers
Having Domain and Technical workshop at the early phase of project would always help stakeholders and IT team understand requirements/functionality clearly.

Scrum Checklist
Kanban Vs SCRUM

Happy Reading.....

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