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November 27, 2010

How Website testing is different from Database testing

How Website Testing is different from Database Testing
Website testingDatabase testing
Event Driven - Actions Depend on Options Choosen by the UserData Driven, Fixed Set of Steps Executed by a Procedure
Website Testing is Black Box Testing, Focus is on end-to-end FunctionalityDatabase Testing is more driven towards white box Testing, Need to verify TSQL Code, Logic, Datatypes, Constraints at Table Level, Refer Database Testing
Page Load time is very critical for better user experienceFor OLTP Applications Ex-online ticket booking procedures need to be optimal to ensure maximum level of concurrency
Performance Points - User Response Time, Response Time with Concurrent UsersPerformance Points - Blocking, Locking, Deadlocking during Performance Testing. Detailed notes are provided in blog for each of the listed items
Black Box Testing PredominantlyIt is possible to trasition from a DB tester to DB Developer Since you work the code, You understand the code/logic
Checking SQL Jobs, Database Migrations Ex- SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, SQL 2005 to SQL 2008
OLTP Vs OLAP Systems. Both are very different and has its own learning. I have mainly worked on OLTP

Website would multi-tier app. Client-Business Layer-Database Layer. Database would also be covered at certain point.

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