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November 16, 2010

Software Testing - Learning Articles - Posts - Compiled

Below is summary of Software testing related posts in my blog till date plus interesting testing related article bookmarks
  1. Guidelines for Web Site Testing
  2. Database Testing Overview
  3. Performance Testing Overview
  4. Web Service Testing
  5. Test Estimates
  6. Testing best Practices
  7. Value Realization of Test Function
  8. Web Services Testing, Testing Tool for webservice testing
  9. UI Test Automation using Selenium
  10. Test Automation - Regression Test Automation Myths, Software Testing Interesting Reads - Sara Ford
  11. Test Case Management Tools Analysis
  12. Test Automation patterns
  13. Test Automation Tools - Good Summary
  14. Functional Testing Tools List
  15. Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet
  16. Tester 2.0 - Definition of an Agile Tester
  17. Manual Testing Notes
  18. Testing Mobile Apps
  19. Google Testing Blog good read - Approach on Categorizing test sizes - Good Read
  20. Google Testing Blog good read - Web Testing at Google
  21. Using Mind Maps for Test Planning
  22. An effective test strategy to grow applications - Good Read
  23. Testing Mobile Apps
  24. Test Case “Rules” - Good Compiled List on Rules for Writing / Auditing Test Cases
  25. Mobile Application Testing - Part I
  26. Mobile Application Testing - Part II
  27. Mobile Application Testing - Part III
  28. [Good Session] - Mobile WebDriver Testing at TheLadders
  29. Test Mobile applications with COP (who) FLUNG GUN
  30. The Pragmatic Tester - Mindmap
  31. Testing In The Automation Age - Mindmap
  32. The Art of Writing Effective and Transparent Test Cases
  33. Misconceptions about testing (and what we should do about them)
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