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November 15, 2010

Notes for SQL Server Developer

Below post is summary of SQL Server related posts.
  1. Basics – Isolation Levels
  2. Triggers, Procedures, Views - SQL Server Views Revisited
  3. Table Partitioning - Basics, Partition Elimination in SQL Server 2005
  4.  Understand Query Execution process 
  5.  Locking, Blocking, Deadlocking - Blocking Vs Deadlocking, Deadlock Troubleshooting
  6.  SSIS, SSRS, CDC 
  7.  JOINS - Operators - Revisited, SQL Server Indexes and Join Analysis
  8.  DB Replication - SQL Server 2005 Replication Learning’s, SQL High Availability Links
  9.  SQL Upgrade 2005-2008 - SQL Server 2008 Migration Guidelines
  10.  Query Performance Tuning
  11.  Coding Best Practices - SQL Server Coding Guidelines, TSQL XML Parsing
  12.  Read Subject Matter Expert Blogs (Loads of them bookmarked in SQL Links in the blog)
  13.  Road to become Database Architect
  14.  SQL Server 2008 Notes
  15.  SQL Blog – SQL SME’s Blog
  16.  SQL Tips
  17. Started a BI blog to practice SSIS, SSRS
Hope it Helps!!
Happy Reading!!

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