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December 10, 2010

Process Failures - Reality Check

For every role, job profile - Dev, Test, Support there would be areas of improvements / continuous improvements / Removing Muda (Waste) / Kaizen ....

From Customer perspective - Looking for working product @ the earliest time
From IT Project Team perspective - Meet the Requirement, Beat the Schedule, Manage the Cost
From Development Perspective - Functionality agreed and Signed off to Freeze Design
From Test Perspective - Access functionality changes in every iteration and test it

Where is the Noise
  • Everything looks fine with the first draft version of functional spec.During Design when it changes this has ripple effect in design, testing, schedule and timeline.
  • Not Every Business Team is IT Savvy. Not every IT team understands the project business value
  • Communication does to flow across the team consistently. Keeping whole in same page requires effective communication
What Actually Happens
  • Developer spending late nights @ work to make code release
  • Test Team testing during weekends/working beyond office hours to meet the schedule  
  • Work + Work - Life, Work Life Balance Issues
Reality of Process Implementation
  • Process is a guideline not the best practice, Getting better at things we do helps us improve ourselves and Improve working environment
  • I really doubt every developer aware of best coding practice / Every tester aware of best testing practices
  • I have a team of 10 Developers. How do we ensure everyone develops the same quality of code
  • Enforce-Use tools to implement Code Checks - This is a reactive way in my perspective
  • If I know this is the best practice to handle this problem. Memory use, Better Logic. Make everyone understand rationale behind usage of particular approach.
  • Knowing facts is not sufficient. You also need to know Why?
  • Have this best practices shared in Email Communications, Employee Kits, Notes, Posters
  • Subscribe to a newsletter for a subject and learn it thoroughly
  • Best practices once developed never get communicated (marketing) - selling part of it is often poor. A best practice should justify why it is a best practice, how it evolved, Future reading....
  • Knowledge Sharing Sessions - Reading Subject matter experts blog - Blogging your learnings are good ways of learning and sharing....
Sometimes it is worth to re-learn!!

Happy Reading!!

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