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December 19, 2010

Selenium Automation Tricks From Selenium Wiki

Bunch of useful posts I bookmarked for Selenium. A very good site Selenium Wiki, UnLtdGroup| Selenium Wiki I came across. Nice work by Pavandeep managing the site. Impressive quote "It is not the software that is great; it's the people who use it who make it great". Sharing the Learning's very much appreciated.

Useful posts I bookmarked for my future reference
Commonly Used Selenium Commands
Selenium Data Driven Testing with C#
Selenium RC with Java and JUnit
Selenium – verifyXpathCount
Using Xpath in Selenium and Selenim RC
Using Selenium IsVisible
Using Array to execute Selenium commands in C#
How to verify the image height and width in Selenium
Getting the Browser details in Selenium
Selenium and Hudson Integration:Keeping your Test Code separate from execution code
Selenium Tutorial: Ant Build for Selenium Java project
Handling JS Errors in Selenium
Handling Pop-up Windows in Selenium
Upload a File in Selenium
Java Properties File
Measuring Web Page Performance with Selenium 2 and the Web Timings API
Selenium 2 - Get Number of Rows in a Table

Next set of links
Automated Selenium Testing with Maven
Maven Selenium
Defining test descriptions in testng reports
Extending Selenium server with custom commands
Maven Getting Started Guide
Using groups with TestNG
Start your webtests with Selenium2, Maven, TestNG – now
Next-Generation Testing with TestNG
TestNG - Basic
TestNG Report
How To Get Started With Selenium Core And ASP.NET MVC
Selenium IE Issues
Writing Selenium Tests
Using XPath Expressions as Locators
Selenium XPath Cheatsheet
Selenium Locator Tips

Java Script Error Handling
Checking for JavaScript Errors with Selenium

Selenium Xpath Reads
Selenium Xpath
Selenium Locators
Selenium Tips: Start improving your locators
How To Minimize The Pain Of Locator Breakage
Selenium Tips: CSS Selectors in Selenium Demystified

Happy Reading!!

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