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December 27, 2010

Ringo - Selenium Automation Framework by Google

I found below link useful for developing automation framework using selenium.

tseng -  based on Google's Ringo now available for public. Link
Presentation slides available in link
Notes from the talk
Design Decisions
  • Build common framework
  • Isolate Test Case specific details
  • Application specific logic kept in client class
  • Provide uniform way of accessing UI elements
  • Flexibility - Group Test Cases
  • Placeholder for configuration data
  • Maintainability - Maintaining Data for Testcases
  • Support Data Driven Test, Same test run with different sets of data
  • Tool Selection Criteria - Handle AJAX Controls
  • Selenium Locators - Identify element in page
  • Testing Framework - TestNG
  • Data provider features- Support for Data Driven Testing
  • TestNG would handle looping and invoking methods
  • Read from XML, Database is supported
  • Firebug - Used as Development Tool
  • Configuration Layer
  • UI Layer Abstraction
  • Application logic lies in client class
  • Uniform way of accessing UI object using helpers
  • UI Map - Storing UI Elements
  • Data could be shared acrosss Test Cases
  • Keep data in one place
  • Web Apps Common Action - Filling forms
  • Helper class takes page & data object
  • For each UI element fill corresponding provided values
  • Changes is updating UI & Datamap
  • Application Client - Subtree of classes
Application Test
  • Contains Test cases, Uses API's provided by client class
  • Test Case Flow - Test Case -> Client Class (High level API) -> Helper (Common actions, Wrapper classes using selenium commands)
Yep, Excellent Presentation and lot of Information for building automation framework.

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