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May 17, 2012

Big Data Products, Big Data Updates

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Splunk - Company focussed on integrating big data. Manages Massive Data collected from servers, logs, tweets, mobile devices etc. Product can Index a variety of data from different platforms, devices. Customer and Domains addressed is impressive.

Microsoft had tied up with Hortonworks to Support Hadoop on Windows Platforms. SAP has tied up with Cloudera as its partner for Big Data Processing. Large scale adoption and support for data processing using Hadoop by Major Players.

Streambase - Developed a Platform for Complex Event Processing, Real Time Analytics, Data Processing

Trendwise Analytics - Start up based out of Bangalore working on Real-Time Analytics using Hadoop

Big Query - Google answer for Big Data Products. Google Big Query get started

GoodData - Cloud based BI as a Service Provider. They have developed a platform for managing BI data on cloud. They offer BI as a Service on Cloud

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