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May 18, 2012

Cloud Computing for Beginners

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This post is based on my learning's on cloud computing after a discussion on the same. I have tried to put things simpler and easier to get started on cloud computing.

In simple terms to define Cloud Computing, I recommend below tweet 

Three Cloud delivery models: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
One more tweet to explain it
Summarizing Saas, PaaS, Iaas
  • SaaS - Consume it
  • PaaS - Build on it
  • Iaas - Migrate to it
(Source - From Presentation @link)
I would recommend another good read Demystifying The Cloud. Important points summarised from the document and other readings
What is IaaS ? 
  • Replaces in house Data Centres / Systems. IaaS provides unlimited number of machines
  • You have to manage patching, security in IaaS Environment
  • Targeted Audience - IT Pros and Sys Admin
  • Example - Rackspace, Amazon Ec2
Good Read - IaaS ≠ Virtualization

What is PaaS ? 
  • Developers can leverage scalable platform 
  • Targets Developers & Architects
  • Windwows Azure, AWS, Google App Engine
What is SaaS ? 
  • Replace Inhouse Applications
  • Targets end users
  • Typically Available (Accessible) via browser interface
  • Google Docs, Salesforce.com, Zoho.com Apps, Microsoft 365, Gmail, hotmail, Google Calendar

Tenets of Cloud
  • Elasticity, Pay per use, High Availability, Programmability and Self Service
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Built in Redundancy
  • Scale as per need (Scale up / Scale down)
What Cloud Computing is not? 
  • VPN Access
  • Data not stored in Company premises
  • 3rd party hosting solution
Cloud Deployment models: public, private, hybrid and community
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Please feel free to add your comments / corrections.

Happy Learning!!!

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