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May 31, 2012

Hadapt (HadoopDB), H-Store(OLTP), F1(Google Distributed RDBMS)

Hadapt, H-Store and F1 database products that will make an impact in coming months
Blog dbms musings is very very good. It is a must follow blog for every database developer. Daniel Abadi research on Columnar Database was commercialised as Vertica. Two more interesting Database projects he is working are Hadapt and H-Store.

  • Hadapt is targeted for OLAP, Analytics
  • Hadapt, a commericalization of HadoopDB
  • Power of Hadoop, MapReduce is implemented by Hadapt
  • More Reads - Link1, Link2
H-Store - Next Generation OLTP Database Research
  • Targeted for OLTP Systems
  • Focussed on Reads Intensive, Real time Processing
  • Architecture and Documentation Link
Another interesing presentation from Google - F1 (Fault Tolerant Distributed DBMS)
  • Based on Hierarchical Schema
  • Supports RDBMS properties
  • Used for Real-Time Google Ads
  • Impressive Architecture
  • Presentation Link
Complete Architecture, Source Code is available for HadoopDB & H-Store. It will be a very good learning to understand the documentation and implementation of these products.

Hoping to explore them in next posts.

Happy Continuous Learning!!!!

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