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October 01, 2016

Day #32 - Regularization in Machine Learning

A large coefficient will result in overfitting. To avoid we perform regularization. Regularization - To avoid overfitting
  • L1 - Sum of values (Lasso - Least absolute shrinkage and selection operator). L1 will be meeting in co-ordinates and result in one of the dimensions zero. This would result in variable elimination. The features that minimally contribute will be ignored.
  • L2 - Sum of squares of values (Ridge). L2 is kind of circle shaped. This will shrink all coefficient in same proportion but eliminate none
  • Discriminative - In SVM we use hyperplane to classify the classes. This is example for discriminative approach
  • Probabilistic - Generated by Gauss Distribution. This is again based on Central Limit Theorem. Infinite points will fit into a Normal distribution. Here we apply gauss distribution model
  • Max Likelihood - Probability that the point p belongs to one distribution. 

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