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October 06, 2014

Hadoop Ecosystem Internals

Hadoop Internals - This post is quick summary from learning session.

Data Copy Basics (Writing data to HDFS)
  • Network Proximity during Data Storage (First 2 Ips closest to client)
  • Data Storage size in 64MB Blocks
  • Data Replication Copy by default 3
  • Client gets error message when Primary Node Data Write Operation Errors
  • Blocks will be horizontally split on different machines
  • Slave uses SSH to connect to master (Communication between Nodes also SSH)
  • Client communication through RPC
  • Writing happens parallel-y, replication happens in a pipeline
Analysis / Reads (Reading Data from HDFS)
  • Client -> Master -> Nearest Ips returned for Nodes
  • Master knows performance utilization of nodes, It would allocate machine which is least used for Processing (Where data Copy exists)
  • Namenode - Metadata
  • DataNode - Actual Data
  • chmod 755 - Owner Write permission, others read and execute
  • Rack - Physical Set of Machines
  • Node - Individual machine
  • Cluster - Set of Racks
Learning Resources
Happy Learning!!!

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