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October 10, 2014

HBase Overview Notes

Limitations of Hadoop 1.0
  • No Random Access --> Hadoop for more batch access (OLAP)
  • Not suitable for Real time Access
  • No Update - Access Pattern is WORM (Write Once Read Multiple Times Hadoop best suited)
Why HBase
  • Flexible Schema Design --> Add a new column when a row is added
  • Multiple versions of single cell (Data)
  • Columnar storage
  • Cache columns at client side
  • Compression of columns
Read                                                    v/s Write
For Availability (Compromise on Write) vs Consistency (Compromise on Read)

  • NOSQL Class on Non Relational Storage Systems
  • In RDBMS it is Rowkey based allocations, HBase it is columnar storage
  • Hbase needs HDFS for replication
  • ZooKeeper - Taking all requests from client. Client will communicate from zookeeper Client -> ZooKeeper -> HMaster
  • Region Server - It Serves the region. Region Server processor runs on slaves (Data Nodes)
Happy Learning!!!

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