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October 20, 2014

Testrail - TCM Tool

This post in on Analysis of Testrail and migrating existing test cases using Testrail

Testrail has a great web interface to organize and create test cases. The factors that makes Testrail competitive candidate are
  • Ease of creating / managing test cases
  • Migration Support for existing test cases
  • API support for automated migration / test case creation / execution / update results
  • Test Case execution out of box reports
  • Integration with bug tracking tools
  • Hosted / In-Premise Model
  • Existing Github projects for .NET / Java / Other languages Automation / Migration Support
  • Great Tech Support
Test Case Migration Efforts

Different aspects involved in test case migration efforts for any TCM tool 
  1. Test case template - Identify required fields inbuilt, custom fields for test case template. Develop, Modify and Evaluate templates to arrive at Test Case Template
  2. Organizing Test Cases  (Test Suites) - Feature wise, Release related test cases. Analyse, Identify structure and arrive, evaluate it (Functional, Regression, Features Areas) plus release specific cases
  3. Migration Efforts - Based on template, test case structures prepare custom xml cases for all migration test cases
    1. Validate, arrive at approach to validate all migrated cases
    2. For attributes identified from Test case template what are values to be filled for existing test cases in case if they were not used
  4. Default values for unused fields (Drop down list / custom values)
  5. Automation Integration, Defect / Bug Tracking Tools Integration
  6. Automation Test cases - Identify, Automation Test cases, Templates, Details
  7. QA Reports - Analyse available reports and custom report needs in Test Rail. Email based reporting on metrics, daily test case execution etc
  8. Custom Tools - Write Test cases in Excel and upload directly from excel to test rail. This tool can be used for writing test cases, update test results directly from excel to Testrail
  9. QA Process document Develop Process document (guidelines / best practices) on adding test cases, updating functional, regression, release related test cases, using Test rail (Permissions), Test case reviews using Test rail
  10. Test Results Archival / Maintenance - Test results / test runs / Test cases archival / maintenance approach
  11. Hosting – local hosting / cloud based Pros / cons of local hosting / cloud hosting
  12. Security / Administration / Configuring users - Admin related aspects, identifying roles / permissions for users
  13. Identifying Pilot projects for Test Rail evaluation period after finalizing above areas Pilot projects for usability, tracking, upgrading before complete migration

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