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October 09, 2014

Pig Overview Notes

  • Primarily for semi structured data
  • So called 'Pig' as it processes all kinds of data
  • Pig is data flow language not a procedural language
  • Map Reduce - Java Programmers, Hive - for TSQL folks, Pig (Rapid Prototyping & increased productivity)
  • Pig is on client side, need not be on cluster
  • Execution Sequence - Query Parser -> Semantic Checking -> Logical Optimizer (Variable level) -> Logical to physical translator -> Physical to M/R translator -> MapReduce Launcher
  • Ping Concepts - Map - array, Tuple - ordered list of data ,Bag - Unordered collection of tuple
  • Pig - for client side access, Hive will work only within cluster, semi structured data
  • Hive - Best suited for SQL style analytics, structured data
  • MR - Audio Video Analytics Map Reduce Approach is the only option

Happy Learning!!!

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