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October 07, 2014

Map Reduce Internals

Client Submits Job. Job Tracker does the splitting, scheduling Job

  • Mapper runs the business logic (ex- word counting)
  • Mapper (Maps your need from the record)
  • Record reader provides input to mapper in key value format
  • Mapper Side Join (Distributed Caching)
  • Output of mapper (list of keys and values). Output of mapper function stored in Sequence file
  • Framework does splitting based on input format, Default is new line (text format)
  • Every row / Record will go through map function
  • When there is a data split (row) is split between two 64MB Blocks. That particular row would be merged for complete record and processed
  • Default block size in Hadoop 2.0 is 128MB
  • Reducer will poll it, job tracker will inform what all nodes to poll
  • Default number of reducer is 1. This is configurable
  • Multiple Reducers - Not possible - Multiple level MR jobs possible
  • Reduce Side join (Join @ Reducer Level)
  • Combiner - Mini Reducer, Combiner before writing to disk, finds max value from data
  • Combiner is used when map job itself can do some preprocessing to minimize reducer workload
  • Hash Partitioner is default partitioner
  • Mapper -> Combiner -> Partitioner -> Reducer (For multi-dimension, 2012-max sales by product, 2013, max sales by location)
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